With its ethnic diversity Morocco is a great place to visit. It is exotic and cheap but also a safe place to visit. For an outstanding luxury resort look no further then Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay,east of Tangier. With the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sean and golden sand beaches each private villa has its own plunge pool and soaking tub. Banyan Tree is only a 30 minutes drive to many hidden spots — like a small fishing village where guests can snorkel to a UNESCO World Heritage city.

(our client was kind enough to share his photos from his recent trip)

When it comes to a magical stay look no further then Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot. Located in the Atlas Mountains this 28 suite haven is a perfect place to rest and relax. Most of its staff was hired from the Local Community adding a charm and service that is hard to find.

We can’t write an article about Morocco without mentioning Royal Mansour Marrakech. In the heart of the city Royal Mansour offers guests a place of serenity. This opulent property has spared no attention to detail. Every tile is hand painted and the Gardens are pristine. A grid of Olive trees surrounds the property adding to its beauty. Whether relaxing by the pool, experiencing the spa you will leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you.

Happy Travels! Christy

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